Remember our beautiful landscape, the different side of Kenting. And most importantly, the memories created by you and your travel buddies. 


Our B’n’B is tucked away from the tourist-packed streets of Kenting, on the rolling hills of Guanshan. We offer you a magnificent view of the iconic Dajianshan Mountain and the entire South Bay area.  

We are 10 minutes drive away from Henchung town center and the South Bay Beach; 8 mins away from the beautiful and quieter Beisha beach; 
25 mins away from the Kenting Main street;  
20 mins away from Museum of marine biology and aquarium - 
Guanshan sunset viewing deck is only 2 mins drive/15 mins walk away.

Unlike the buzzingcommercial area of Kenting, the west peninsula offers a rich coastal marine life, a well-preserved southern island landscape, which is perfect for one to unwind and slow down the vocation pace; or for a more in-depth expedition of nature. 

We invite you to explore this hidden beauty of Henchung peninsula, enjoy a different variety of activities, fast or slow. Or simply just kick back and relax! (Booking and guided-tour service can be arranged) 

Included with your accommodation:        

  • Parking, free WiFi, natural sulphide hot-spring, and access to the star gazing lawn. No pet is allowed on the premise, except for guide dog and working dog.