Such sincere affection could only be experienced by someone who has spent a night here with us.


-Bonjour BéBé -  Certified by Pintung County, Registration No.247  

Take a stroll along country road among the grass fields, take a quick dip into the sea, and chase the wave under the sunset glaze. Away from the man-made twilightsof Kenting streets, we offer you a mesmerizing stargazing experience on our soft grass lawn. Drift to sleep with deafening silence of summer night.

It's a small family-operated establishment,


where our family member each plays an irreplaceable role, everyone contribute something from different fields of their specialty.

We do not aim for a luxurious, perfect package,We strive for inspirations found from our passion to the environment.  

With our modest yet warm hospitality, we wish to offer our guests an experience of home away from home.  


Freshly Made Breakfast & Pastry

by martin & ruby

Ingredients are sourced from our neighborhood farmers and some other local organic produce, to ensure the freshness and quality of our meals and drinks.Occasionally, the mother of the family will show off her culinary skill, and prepare a hearty chinese-style breakfast. And let’s not forget the most popular afternoon tea and pastry, complimentary on your arrival. So you can leave all the hustle and bustle of daily live behind, and enjoy this exquisite tranquility with us.        


Wood Craft & Paintings

by prince

Each room has a private balcony and natural sulphur hot spring in their ensuite bathroom. You may spot some artworks and hand-crafted furniture by our very own artist/carpenter - Prince indeed is the Father of the house. The furniture woodworks are done by using the traditional mortise and tenon joint; this precise technique eliminates the use of any screws or nails, so that the texture and the warmth from the wood can be fully expressed. Our joy is find friends with similar passion, and to inspire others towards this type of art. 


Hospitality Like Family & Friends

by our family

Besides the much needed space and time for retreat, our previous guests also valued their time chatting to us. We don’t wear hard-pressed uniforms, nor do we have a guest-interaction protocol. We wish to treat you just like our friends, so that you can relax and feel closer to the nature, and this environment we have prepared for you.

Taste of The Season

by prince & jOjo

“Returning to nature” has been a dream of many people. Besides the variety of tropical plants we have in our garden, there is a section dedicated just for organic farming. We only use compost from biodegraded leftover food and zero chemical pesticides. So our guests can have the freshest taste of organic dining, and if you wish, roll up your sleeve and have some fun with your family on being our farmers of the day!

Remember our beautiful landscape, the different side of Kenting. And most importantly, the memories created by you and your travel buddies. 


Our B’n’B is tucked away from the tourist-packed streets of Kenting, on the rolling hills of Guanshan. We offer you a magnificent view of the iconic Dajianshan Mountain and the entire South Bay area.  

We are 10 minutes drive away from Henchung town center and the South Bay Beach; 8 mins away from the beautiful and quieter Beisha beach; 
25 mins away from the Kenting Main street;  
20 mins away from Museum of marine biology and aquarium - 
Guanshan sunset viewing deck is only 2 mins drive/15 mins walk away.

Unlike the buzzingcommercial area of Kenting, the west peninsula offers a rich coastal marine life, a well-preserved southern island landscape, which is perfect for one to unwind and slow down the vocation pace; or for a more in-depth expedition of nature. 

We invite you to explore this hidden beauty of Henchung peninsula, enjoy a different variety of activities, fast or slow. Or simply just kick back and relax! (Booking and guided-tour service can be arranged) 

Included with your accommodation:        

  • Parking, free WiFi, natural sulphide hot-spring, and access to the star gazing lawn. No pet is allowed on the premise, except for guide dog and working dog.